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From Motorbooks - "Probably one of the most significant motoring books to be published in recent years and a particularly lavish production."

The above is what they said about the original 2008 Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy, now sold out after two editions.

And recently in 2017 Ben Horton of Hortons Books said of the original version:

Maybe I'm biased because Mike Hawthorn was very kind to my dad when he was a young man but I'd place this firmly in my all-time top ten of motoring books.
Yes there had been biographies of Hawthorn before - Challenge Me The Race, Champion Year, Mon Ami Mate - but this is unique in its presentation with outstanding use of images and ephemera; something not often found in driver biogs.
The plentiful illustration makes it easy to dip into; and it helps the very in-depth analysis of the infamous crash that caused Mike s death.
The original hardback is long out of print; and a smaller-format softback was issued in 2014; but the hardback is always to be preferred because it really benefits from its much larger size and better paper quality.
Ben Horton

Now we have the updated and revised 2014 Softback Edition! With 280+ pages, it contains much of the original book plus important updates and new photos. One update is a vindication of Mike in the 1955 Le Mans accident from a long lost letter to Jaguar Cars from an expert eyewitness. Plus we have new testimony on the 1959 accident that killed Mike from a policeman who still had his original police pocket book that was filled in at the time.

You can order it from Paul Skilleter Books now - it costs £29.95 inc post (UK only and is a special offer), Overseas extra.

Never heard Mike Hawthorn speak? Listen to Mike describe his race after the British Grand Prix in 1958 (mp3 format)

Ian Cooling's Jaguar Automobilia Auction often has Mike Hawthorn Memorabilia

A Memorial Service for Mike with a car parade was held in Farnham on 25th January 2009 - see our coverage with over 100 photos and BBC news video coverage

The Mike Hawthorn Memorial Logo There is now a Mike Hawthorn Museum, built and maintained by one very devoted fan - read all about it!

The book launch took place very successfully on the 20th November 2008 - the BBC were there live and a message from Lewis Hamilton was read out by McLaren's Technical Director - see the letter and some photos on our Book Launch page

The BBC One Show Monday 3rd Nov at 7pm featured Mike Hawthorn!
With Lewis Hamilton now British World Champion, the BBC One Show Monday 3rd Nov 2008 at 7pm featured Mike Hawthorn who was our first British World Champion exactly 50 years ago! Select above for some photos from the recording session...

There is also a news page with a shortened video for the Mike Hawthorn book on BBC NEWS

Paul Skilleter Archive
Paul Skilleter has a new Photo Archive Site covering 40+ years as a motoring photographer. Joining him there is Tony Bailey and between them you can find quite a few Mike Hawthorn relevant photos. This LINK will find them...

Ian Cooling's Jaguar Automobilia Auction often has Mike Hawthorn Memorabilia

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An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

  Welcome to Mike's Site!
The International Trophy Meeting on May 3rd 1958 at Silverstone

A warm 2019 welcome from the Web's most visited and comprehensive tribute / information site for 1958 World motor racing Champion John Michael (Mike) Hawthorn (not Hawthorne) or 'The Farnham Flyer' as he was often known. We sincerely hope that you find your time here is a useful and pleasant experience - we currently have 92 web pages of information for you to browse. This currently equates to over 900 printed A4 pages! Note that all material shown here is copyright and not to be used elsewhere.

Now into our twelfth year, the site has been a great success, becoming No 1 in the major search engines when looking for Mike Hawthorn. We've had lots of good responses from visitors that you can read a selection of.
In 2008, the success of this site initiated the production of the best-selling book 'Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy', the first edition of which sold out inside a few months. Many visitors helped in its production for which we thank them.

We have to thank everyone who helped us achieve this along with all those who purchased the book, now out of print, and gave it such kind comments, both press and personal.

While looking around, you may find you have information that would be useful to others if seen here - if so please Contact Us - as many, many people already have - with your information and we'll do our best to add it to the site at some future date.

You'll find that the 92 pages here include information on many of the marques that Mike drove such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Vanwall, BRM etc and there are many images of these marques. There is also a list of all the cars he drove in his career. Plus details of cars he owned such as his Alfa Romeo 8C and Ferrari 212, Lancia Aurelia and later his Jaguar XK140 DHC and Jaguar Mk 1 saloon. Did you know Mike was a pilot and flew his own Aircraft?

Paul Dove's Hawthorn art
Paul Dove

Young and very talented West Country artist Paul Dove, who painted the cover image for the Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy book, has created a number of new Mike-related artworks. These include several 'Pub signs' that 'might' have existed at some time past. These were on show at Race Retro in 2009 although all were sold very early on the first day!

We have a dedicated page for Paul Dove with some background and examples of his Hawthorn work so please have a look and support Paul if you are looking for something.

Images and Videos

We have done our best to try and establish that all images and videos shown here are either very likely in the public domain or that we have established the copyright owner (where this is possible) and/ or have permission to reproduce them from our many contributors, especially other Hawthorn fans.

We are also using Google Earth © where this is useful - such as in pinpointing where the fatal 1959 crash occurred.

Tourist Trophy Garage
Mike standing proudly outside the Tourist Trophy Garage in 1957

We have a large section on Mike's Tourist Trophy Garage that was located in East Street, Farnham - the basic structure is still all there but with a different facade! If you have any memories and especially any images of it back in the '50s and later please contact us.

Mike Hawthorn at the Tourist Trophy Garage watching some welding work by Bill Field on a modified exhaust system for their enhanced version of the Jaguar Mk 1

Picture shows Mike Hawthorn at his Tourist Trophy Garage watching some welding work by Bill Field on a modified exhaust system for their enhanced version of the Jaguar Mk 1 while an Austin-Healey BN1 in for repair stands in the background

Mike Hawthorn at the Tourist Trophy Garage watching some welding work by Bill Field on a modified exhaust system for their enhanced version of the Jaguar Mk 1

We have many examples of Paintings on the site. Here is Michael Turner's painting of Mike Hawthorn's victorious Jaguar D-type, XKD 505, leading the Mercedes of Juan Fangio through Whitehouse corner at Le Mans in 1955

Mike died on Jan 22nd 1959

If you want to make a virtual visit to Mike's grave, please do so to remember him. If anyone went to the actual location on the day, we'd be pleased to share your images here.

An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

We have a page for Mike's Grave and show you via Google Earth where it is located if you wanted to visit it as many do.

It is regularly maintained and generally carries fresh flowers.

We have a comprehensive two-part report covering the events on the day of Mike's death - if you can add anything to it, do please let us know via our Contact page.

Do you like our Site?

We are updating the site as time allows so please do return to check out changes.

We were particularly pleased to receive a nice thank you in our early days from well known Author and motorsport guru, Doug Nye, himself an expert on Mike, via the Nostalgia Forum on the Atlas F1 Bulletin Board.

Mike's Memorial Service on 25 Jan 2009
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

A very well attended memorial service was held for Mike Hawthorn on Sunday 25th January 2009 at St Andrews Church in Farnham, close to the 50th Anniversary of his death. It was a big success with over 500 people at the church, 5000 people in the streets of Farnham and coverage by major media. Stirling Moss, Damon Hill (seen above at the service), Tony Brooks and other celebrities attended, drove some of the 70 1950s cars afterwards, and laid wreaths privately at his graveside.

An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

You can find more details and a full report on our Memorial Service page.

The BBC also have a news page for the event.

50th Anniversary of Mike's Death 22 Jan 2009
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

January 22nd 2009 was the 50th Anniversary of Mike's death on the A3. Fans worldwide remembered him around midday and gathered by his grave in West Street, Farnham. You can read much more about his death on this site.

Site Membership

You can Register with us! This came from suggestions by people using the site (and there are a lot more visits than we expected!) - you can access some larger images after logging on and we also have extra member-only facilities and articles.

Coverage (see Site Map)
Mike in his Cooper Bristol 1952

Mike in his Cooper Bristol, 1952

We have much already-known and even more NEW unique material on the site - with lots more given us by Mike's fans who have contacted us since we first went live back in 2006. Many are from Farnham where his home was - including people who worked at Mike's Tourist Trophy Garage with him back in the 1950s.

We look at Mike's life from start to its tragic end and try to cover everything on the way. We have an extensive Memorabilia section, including Model cars. Then there are images from 1950 through 1959 and a special section on Paintings of Mike. Plus all his career Race Results - and a lot more, 92 pages currently!

There are links to other sites and articles on subjects such as recreations of his Jaguar Mk 1, registration VDU 881, that he sadly died in on the 22nd January 1959 after a major crash plus info on the recreated cars that have been built. We look at his life and death, the funeral and grave, plus memorials in detail and also analyse the disaster at Le Mans in 1955. We have a full Site Map to help you find your way around.

The Daily Sketch, 23 Jan 1959

One of the many newspaper headlines from the period of Mike's fatal crash

Where is it now?
Mike receiving his cocktail cabinet in 1959

The above photo shows Mike enjoying himself with Jack Hawkins and others - he is receiving a cocktail cabinet presented to him at the Cafe Royal, London, from the National Sporting Club in January 1959. This was only 60 hours before he died.
The question is - does anyone know what happened to the Cocktail Cabinet? Did it ever arrive at Mike's home or did the National Sporting Club retain it - or does someone out there own it now?

Please use our Enquiries page if you know the answer! You can see the preview news video this still came from at our British Pathe Archive link. There is also coverage of his death there.

Win Percy Drives 881 VDU at 2008 Festival of Speed

Win Percy, seriously injured in 2003, took Nigel Webb's recreation of Mike's Jaguar Mark 1 3.4L, VDU 881, up the famous hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on each of the three days of the event (July 11/12/13 2008). The car had been fitted with hand controls especially for Win as shown below - everyone was delighted to see Win in such good spirits and back on the track after his accident and subsequent operation that went very wrong...

Hand controls fitted to 881 VDU for Win Percy
Win Percy at the Festival of Speed 2008
Win Percy at the Festival of Speed 2008

Mike's Treasure Chest!

Mike's personal School Tuck Box surfaces after 50 years

Mike Hawthorn

We have been given access to Mike's personal wooden Tuck Box that he used at Ardingly College in the 1940s, complete with its large collection of Cigarette Cards. It has been stored for 50 years and this is its first public viewing since Mike died. Read More....

Lewis Hamilton receives the Hawthorn Memorial Trophy

In January 2008 and again in 2009 as World Champion, British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton was presented with the coveted Hawthorn Memorial Trophy at the Motor Sports Association's Night of Champions at the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall in London. It was first presented in memory of Mike Hawthorn who sadly died a few months after his great 1958 victory, 1958 being the 50th Anniversary year. Did you know there was a second original version of this trophy?

Can you help us?
Tourist Trophy Garage

An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

We need any photos of the Tourist Trophy Garage in East Street Farnham, especially views of the complete forecourt as it was anytime between 1953 and 1959, and any interior views of the workshop and facilities. See our TT Garage page for those we already have.

Were you a customer during Mike's tenure maybe or did you even work there? Again, let us know if so - five former TT Garage employees have contacted us so far as a result of seeing this site!

SMTS 1:43 model of Mike's Jaguar Mk1, VDU 881

June 2009: This 1:43 model of VDU 881 has been released by SMTS and is distributed (exclusively?) by Grand Prix Legends - we have an example. However, first impressions are very poor with the model having a distorted body shell and displaying many inaccuracies - including use of a Jaguar Mk 2 grill - that should never ever have got through to production.

An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

There is a discussion on this model with more photos on the Atlas F1 Nostalgia Forum.

Memorial plaque for Mike
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

A Marble Plaque in memory of Mike was unveiled in his home town of Mexborough on Saturday 16th December 2006 at midday. A classic car display was part of the celebration and a crowd assembled at 11.30am with the plaque being placed on the side of the Intersport shop, at the corner of High Street and Hope Street, at noon. Read the full stories with Videos!

At the event, Jean Ireland (nee Jean Howarth, Mike's fiancee at the time of his death) said:

"Being born in Yorkshire made him a cut above the others as shown in his determination to be the best in his field. Although he left Yorkshire as a small boy, he still remained a Yorkshireman at heart. And before he asked my father for my hand, he reminded him that he was a true-born Yorkshireman. So my father gave us permission to marry"

An armband worn by Mike Hawthorn
An armband worn by Mike Hawthorn
Lewis Hamilton World Champion by One Point 50 years after Mike won!

Lewis Hamilton World Champion 2008

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for his fantastic Championship win! Like Mike Hawthorn back in 1958, 50 years ago, he took the title by one point, also becoming the youngest ever world champion.

Lewis will also win the Hawthorn Memorial Trophy for the second year running. See our Book Launch page below for a personal greeting from Lewis and videos. Lewis was also kind enough to send a greetings message to the launch of the book on Mike written by the creator of this site with help from all its visitors.

50th Anniversary Lunch at the Barley Mow!

A celebration was held, 50 years to the day of Mike Hawthorn's World Championship win, on October 19th 2008 at the Barley Mow in Tilford, one of Mike's favourite pubs. We have lots of photos from the event.

General news!

An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

Studio 88 (Graham and Michael Turner) released a limited edition (100 only) print to celebrate the 2008 50th anniversary of Mike's World Championship win. You can find more details HERE

Redhill Roofing re-roofed the Mike Hawthorn Sports Pavilion at Farnham Park in 2008! Good news as the current state of the place was just appalling considering who it's meant to commemorate... There were also moves in 2009 to have the memorial plaque erected that should have been there from day one but nothing seems to have happened...

We met with ex Tourist Trophy Garage Fitter, Frank Swan - Frank worked there from 1950 - 1954 and has many memories and photos of that time. Read Frank's Story for more information.

And we have a page all about the Tourist Trophy Garage Transporter that was used to move Mike's Cooper-Bristol around in the early 1950s.

Our account of Mike's Funeral has been updated with a detailed report on the proceedings including a list of mourners plus new photographs from a former Tourist Trophy Garage employee who was there. Plus detail of Mike's Will and the value of his estate from the Probate document.

DID A SHOT KILL MIKE? - this staggering question was asked by a national newspaper back in 1959 after Rob Walker discovered evidence of mysterious accidents at the location where Mike crashed. Read all about it here ....

We also have an extract from Paul Skilleter's book about Norman Dewis, Jaguar's Chief Test Engineer, where Norman discusses what it was like working with Mike and other 50s drivers.

New! Mike Hawthorn-related(?) 1951 Ferrari Offered For Sale

A Ferrari 212 Barchetta (VIN No 0165EL) said (but so far unconfirmed) to have been originally bought by Mike Hawthorn/ Leslie Hawthorn (Mike's father) and or the Tourist Trophy Garage from Ferrari off their Earls Court Show stand in 1951 as a chassis only and then given to local E.D. Abbott Ltd Coachmakers by him to be bodied, has been offered up for sale by an Australian site for some £675,000. It has been variously registered as NUA 1 (1952), TPC 489 and 212
The Ferrari Chassis entry from the 1951 Motor Show catalogue

We are looking for more information on this car since nothing surfaced during previous research for this site or the book Golden Boy nor does anyone who worked at the Tourist Trophy Garage at this time remember the car or any mention of it at all which is very unusual. The car currently has a different body to the 1950s Abbott DHC, apparently having been rebodied ca 1984 in an identical type to the Phil Hill 212 Barchetta so has no resemblance at all to the original Abbott bodied car anyway.

The Abbott bodied Ferrrai Barchetta shown by Frensham Ponds.
Copyright Grand Prix Library
The Abbott bodied Ferrrai Barchetta as it is today

Above: the Abbott-bodied touring Barchetta 212 chassis No 0165EL seen in-period by Frensham Great Pond and below the car as it is today, nothing like the original concept which seems a great loss for history, originality and its unique appearance

We are collecting information for an article on this car. If anyone out there has any direct personal knowledge, written documentation or memories of this car (wonderfully described as the ugliest Ferrari ever built), either in chassis or Abbott bodied form, especially period photographs (with Mike would be great but anyone would do!) other than from the series of the one above and from the period involved (1951 - 1954), and that definitively links the chassis or car to either Leslie or Mike Hawthorn or the Tourist Trophy Garage in period (existing documentation does not), would they please Contact Us.

Another piece info we have been given is that it could have appeared as a show car at the 1952 Earls Court Motor Show (Oct/Nov 1952), if so, it would have been in Abbott bodied form since 1971 correspondence from Abbott confirmed that they had finished it (and it was the only one they built) in September 1952. It does NOT state though who they had built it for. A search of the 1952 show catalogue does NOT appear to offer any trace of it - Ferrari did not exhibit and Abbot only displayed two Bentleys. There are no other references that can confirm this - does anyone have docs or photos of it at Earls Court in 1952??.

Select the poster to go to the Event Web Site and see the video!

To mark the 60th anniversary of Mike Hawthorn becoming Britainís first Formula One World Champion, the Total Elf HTX Mike Hawthorn Grand Prix of Farnham took place on the streets of Farnham in Surrey on Sunday 14th October 2018.

View the Press Release for full details
Contact the Organiser Michael Ballard

This is a very similar event to that held in 2009 at the Memorial Service for Mike in Farnham. There are current videos on the event website.

New Documentary August 2017

This documentary from the Yesterday TV Channel lasts for an hour and was shown initially on these channels starting on 20th August 2017 at 21:00 BST:

Freeview 19
Sky 537
Virgin 245
Youview 19
Freesat 159

Paul Skilleter and myself have been aware of and involved in helping with the production for some months and this is acknowledged in the credits...

FILM: Ferrari: Race to Immortality (2017) 1hr 31m

The 1950's - the iconic Scuderia Ferrari battle to stay on top in one of the deadliest decades in motor racing history. Cars and drivers were pushed to their limits, and the competition for the world championship meant racing on a knife edge where one mistake could take a life. At the centre of it all was Enzo Ferrari, a towering figure in motor racing who was driven to win at any cost.

Amidst the stiff competition within his Ferrari team, two of its British stars, Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn, put friendship first and the championship second. Ferrari: Race to Immortality tells the story of the loves and losses, triumphs and tragedy of Ferrari's most celebrated drivers in an era where they lived la dolce vita during the week and it was win or die on any given Sunday.

There is a lot more about it from Doug Nye on the link below:
Doug Nye: Behind the scenes of Ferrari: Race to Immortality

Golden Boy in Softback!
At only £29.95 inc post (UK)
The new Softback 2014 Edition of Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy
Click above for a larger image

A new edition of our best-selling 'Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy' book is now available as a 2014 Edition softback! It contains much of the major content from the original book plus new material bringing everyone up to date on what has happened since the launch of the 1st Edition in 2008.

There is a scoop of a long-lost letter to Jaguar from a USAF witness that further clears Mike from any responsibility for the 1955 Le Mans crash, new evidence and photograph from a policemen who was first at the scene in 1959 when Mike died - and he still has his police notebook which is transcribed! Plus new colour photos of Mike's son Arnaud and the first ever interview with one of Mike's companions from 1955.

You can order it from Paul Skilleter Books now - it costs £29.95 inc post (UK only and is a special offer), Overseas extra.

FOUND! 1956 Standard 10 6/7cwt Delivery Van!

We now have Standard (Ten) 6cwt Delivery Van to recreate the one the Tourist Trophy Garage used from 1956 onwards! This has now been fully restored and signwritten from original photographs and can be seen at events and the Mike Hawthorn Museum.

The recreated Tourist Trophy Garage van
Select image for a larger version

'Hawt horn-related' Mk 1 sells for £44,000!!

A Jaguar 3.4-Litre Mk 1 that was once owned by Gerry Marshall was sold at auction with an unsubstantiated provenence that it had been ordered by Mike Hawthorn as a duplicate of his first Mk 1 (which was actually a 1957 2.4 Litre and thus an unlikely choice by Mike). This attribution no doubt pushed the price to a higher level then might be expected - after checking things out, it seems that the car with the the chassis number 978525DN (registered 220 LPE) has no recorded connection with Mike and was not even built until July 1959, some 6 months after Mike died. The actual auction statement was:

"Dating from the final year of production, this 3.4-litre Mk1 reputedly was ordered by the then reigning Formula 1 World Champion, Mike Hawthorn, who tragically met his death in a road traffic accident on 22nd January 1959 and never took delivery, though there is no documentary evidence of a Hawthorn connection. The car is said to have been ordered as a duplicate of Mike's first Jaguar Mk1, complete with various factory enhancements."

This is the second car to have been put up for auction with unsubstantiated/ unproven claims of a connection with Mike in as many months - see the Ferrari Barchetta 212 details at the foot of the previous column.

Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy
The Book to Have!

This fantastic book, a must-have for any Hawthorn fan, is full of new and unique facts and was inspired by this website and its readers. The standard edition is now out of stock from the 3,000+ that were printed with just a few leather bound copies left. It can still be ordered from Paul Skilleter Books

Jaguar Mk1 Day at the Mike Hawthorn Museum - 5th August 2012!
Mike with his Mark 1 Jaguar, VDU 881, at the Tourist Trophy Garage shortly before his death

This event, held on Sunday August 5th 2012 went off very well despite extreme weather in the morning.
A few of the Mk1s that truned up for Nigel Webb
The museum busy with visitors

Mike Hawthorn - Proposed Feature Films!

Over the past few months, there has been a sudden rash of proposed films about or strongly featuring Mike - we are aware of at least THREE Feature Films and one TV Documentary so far! All are 'in development' and there have already been several meetings and dialogues with one writer who is well advanced with a positive script that uses Golden Boy for material and we are offering our help. Some pretty high flying director/producer choices are also appearing.

More to follow as it becomes available.

The Mike Hawthorn Memorial Museum
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

This private museum is the culmination of one man's devotion to his motorsport hero and was opened in 2009 and is dedicated to 1958 F1 Wolrd Champion Mike Hawthorn. It was created by fan Nigel Webb and you can read all about it HERE. It is private but the possibility of visits is explained on the page. There are also special events held which will be detailed here as they occur.

Goodwood Road Racing Club members visit the museum in 2011

Annual Mike Hawthorn Celebration 15th April 2012

The 15th April saw the first Annual Mike Hawthorn Celebration organised by Hawthorns of Farnham with a driving day for all vehicle enthusiasts and exclusive access to 2 private collections of over 50 rare cars and memorabilia, including a visit to the Mike Hawthorn Tribute Museum.

All proceeds went towards building the Mike Hawthorn Sports Hall at Barfield School mentioned above. Contact Jonathan Sproule (see next item) for more details.

Barfield School New Sports Center

Jonathan Sproule tells us that he is trying to raise a lot of money (£250,000) to help build a Mike Hawthorn Sports Hall at Barfield School where he has four children. This was Mike's first school and features in 'Golden Boy'. If you feel you can help with this, please contact him on 01252 733377 in Farnham at Hawthorn's Garage up near the railway station or via

10th/14th April 2012 at the Barley Mow, Tilford Green. GU10 2BU

A reminder that there are two days at the Barley Mow in Tilford Green when Hawthorn enthusiasts and cars can come along and enjoy a chat and a pint plus food. Organised by Tim Ely and there is more info on last years events further down this column. Note that the following visitors are NOT welcome!

The Barley Mow

New Headstone for Mike

Mike's grave headstone in Farnham's West Street Cemetery is deteriorating after some 50 years and is in need of replacement. The suggestion is to create a new replica granite headstone that will last a lot longer. Estimated cost is ca £8,000.

Donations from visitors to the Mike Hawthorn Museum will provide some of the cost but larger donations for the project are vitally needed. If you feel you can help, please make an enquiry via our Contact page and you will be passed on to the correct person.

Frank Swan - In Memoriam 1930-2011

Sadly, ex TT Garage fitter Frank Swan has passed away. Frank helped us immensely with the Golden Boy book and had worked at the TT Garage from 1950-1954. His well-attended funeral was held at Aldershot Crematorium on Friday 28th October at 2:30pm. We have a page dedicated to Frank Swan.

Frank Swan 1930-2011

You can read the story all about Mike's fatal crash and events leading up to it in detail on this site. There is a lot more information and photographs in our Golden Boy book on Mike.

Mike's 1955 Le Mans Trophy

Mike's official replica winners trophy from the 1955 Le Mans race surfaced at auction in March 2011 having apparently been 'lost' for many years. You can read all about it here...

The Le Mans 1955 Winners Replica Trophy

Mike's Son - Arnaud Michael Delauney

Arnaud Michael Delauney

A previously unpublished photo of Arnaud, Mike's son taken at Silverstone in 1991

The above photo recently came into our possession - it shows Mike's illegitimate son - Arnaud Michael Delauney - and was taken at Silverstone in 1991 when he had come over with his Aunt, Louise, to meet up with Chris Nixon. The likeness is staggering and, when younger, he did have blonde hair. You can read more about Arnaud on this page.

Hawthorn - The Film!

We have the full text of the original press release from back around 1993 and it is available here now. The film was never made of course – although there are more recent developments that might just materialise into something.

Mikes' Fairchild Argus to be flown again

Graham Orphan has contacted us from New Zealand to say "Did you know that Mike Hawthorn's Fairchild F-24W Argus aeroplane G-AJSG still exists? The aircraft was stored in a suburban garage in Healesville, Victoria, Australia for decades but after the passing of its owner, was sold to owners in New Zealand who did very little with it. It has now changed hands again and it is planned to restore it as a flying tribute to Mike Hawthorn. An intended concession will be a colour scheme change from the dull silver it last wore in the UK to a BRG scheme. The aircraft is in good straight condition but needing new fabric and general refurbishment & reassembly."

That is great news and we'll pass on any more info when we get it. CAA records do in fact show (see Golden Boy) that this plane was registered to Leslie Hawthorn in 1947, then cancelled and sold on to Australia in September 1954, soon after Leslie's death. Mike flew that plane and also had his own Argus that he flew after that.

10/12 April 2011 at the Barley Mow, Tilford Green. GU10 2BU

A glorious spring day welcomed visitors to the first of Tim Ely's two lunchtime gatherings at Mike Hawthorn's favourite pub near Farnham on Mike's birthday, 10th April 2011 The Barley Mow is set in a fabulous location at Tilford Green with food and drink plus lots of other Mike Hawthorn Enthusiasts. Nigel Webb's fantastic replica of Mike's Jaguar Mk1 VDU 881 was there plus Tim Ely's Riley Ulster Imp - Mike's very own first race car. Another visitor was Dorrie Mahoney, one of Mike's girfriends. Why not come to one of the October events celebrating Mike's Championship win?
The Barley Mow on 10th April 2011

A sunny day at the Barley Mow on 10th April 2011

Tim Ely with Dorrie Mahoney

Tim Ely with Dorrie Mahoney

Tony Bailey, Dorrie Mahoney and Nigel Webb plus companion Dee enjoying lunch

Tony Bailey, Dorrie Mahoney and Nigel Webb plus companion Dee enjoying lunch

Tourist Trophy Garage
St Christopher Plaque
Ouyr TT Garage Badge

(These have been out of stock for some time but a new batch is due in September 2015...)

Due to a favourable review in Classic & Sports Car the demand for the badge/plaque that appears in the Golden Boy book and is affixed to the slip case of the leather bound edition went sky high, selling out the remaining stock in two days and several more batches have had to be ordered since!

If you want one act now! Publisher Paul Skilleter has them in stock (along with the few remaining stocks of our Golden Boy book of course)! They are made from high quality enamel using two separate dies with a domed centre St Christopher and are 50mm diameter. Designed by Mike Hawthorn in 1958, one would make a marvellous addition to any Jaguar saloon as well as your den or garage.

TT Garage built & featured at the Goodwood Revival!
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

We were thrilled to be at the three-day 2009 Goodwood Revival where the event featured the usual traditional period garage, this time made out as a part facsimile of the original wooden 1935 Tourist Trophy Garage that was located not far from the later one in East Street, Farnham. Those involved with this site worked closely with Goodwood staff to ensure that the final result is what everyone would expect from a Goodwood period set!

An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

You can read all about it on our dedicated page with plenty of photos.

Mike's Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

Mike stocked and sold the first two produced of these models, both made in RHD, from his Tourist Trophy Garage in 1958 and drove one himself. One of the cars still survives and is owned by Adrian Donovan in the UK. This info arrived too late to include the car in the Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy book but we have details here.

The original log book for the car exists and shows that it was originally white. It's now black and is shown below when at the book launch in November 2008. Select here for more details...

Mike and his Cine Films
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

Mike Hawthorn was a keen home-movie guy and was often seen at events armed with, I think, a Bell and Howell 8mm camera. He's seen above, along with his trademark cap, filming Stirling Moss at Goodwood before the Glover Trophy in April 1955. But none of these films or the camera(s) seem to have survived!

We know from an eye-witness that his mother burnt many of them in the back garden of his Farnham house after he died, along with lots of other historical material. Do YOU know if any film survives somewhere? Please Contact Us if so.

Theft of Mike's memorial tree plaque

April 2009: We have a page dedicated to the Hawthorn tree planted in Mike's memory back in 1999 that had a plaque erected next to it early in 2009. Now, a few months later, that engraved brass memorial plaque has been stolen from the site in Onslow Arboretum although the thief left the wooden base behind. What is our world coming to? If anyone has information on its whereabouts or the identity of the thief, please contact us or Guildford police. Atlas F1 have a thread on this plaque here

An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

Book Launch on BBC TV!
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

L-R: Tony Bailey, Murray Walker and Paul Skilleter

On November 20th 2008, the book that was inspired by this site and its fans and worldwide visitors was launched in Farnham, Surrey, Mike's hometown. A BBC News crew covered the event live via satellite and motorsport commentator Murray Walker was there with a message from Lewis Hamilton. You can see more including video coverage on the Book Launch home page.

And on Monday 3rd November 2008 at 7.00pm, the BBC One UK show included a four minute item which payed tribute to Mike near the anniversary of his World Championship win date 50 years ago.
Murray Walker chats to Author Tony Bailey while filming at Brooklands

Murray Walker chats to Author Tony Bailey at Brooklands during filming

Murray Walker fronted it with involvement from Sir Stirling Moss. Site members helped the BBC with interviews and reference material from the new book and elsewhere for the programme. The coverage is available via the BBC iPlayer for a while and also on this site. You can see some BBC video and photos from the filming here:

A look back at the 1981 Sports Centre Petition
An image from www.Mike-Hawthorn.Org.Uk

Sadly, back in 1981, a 7500+ signature petition failed to get the new Farnham Sports Centre named after Mike. See our archive photos and info on this event from the past.


Mike's 1958 BRDC Gold Star
Mike's World Champion BRDC badge from our Memorabilia section

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